New Orleans. Part Seven.

‘House of the Rising Sun’ By sunset the worst of the thunderstorm had passed, but the wind and rain weren’t done with us just yet. After spending hours with grumbling stomachs, the three of us finally left the apartment and made our way the Gumbo Shop for dinner. We were barely a third of the […]

New Orleans. Part Six.

‘The Pontalba’ “… The oldest, in some ways most somberly elegant, apartment houses in America, the Pontalba Buildings.” —“Hidden Gardens”, Truman Capote Three people and two cats: “The people were full of idealism and enthusiasm about starting over in a decadent, crumbling, historical magical city. The cats just wanted to get out of the carrier […]

New Orleans. Part Five.

(New to this blog series? Read New Orleans. Part One.) The 1995 move to New Orleans lasted two weeks. The 1997 move lasted for several years. For all of the city’s intrinsic spirit and magnetism, it was John and Amy that truly helped make it home. This is how they first met, and how they […]

New Orleans. Part Four.

(New to this blog series? Read New Orleans. Part One.) Looking back over the past twenty five years, I can spot certain moments where a choice I made altered the course of my life entirely. This is one of them. At the time, I thought I was simply running out of money. Such is the […]

New Orleans. Part Three.

(New to this blog series? Read New Orleans. Part One.) This third installment is dedicated to Ann Trufant and her family who lost the third floor of their beautiful Garden District home to fire as I wrote this. Thankfully the 87 year old matriarch of the Trufant family escaped the fire safely and without injury. […]

New Orleans. Part Two.

This is where things get a little starry-eyed, as it should be. And having put memories of my first day (and night) in New Orleans to words, I find that they pale in comparison to the actual experience—also as it should be. Part Two: Wrought Iron Lace Flying over Louisiana for the first time was like […]

New Orleans. Part One.

New Orleans weighs heavily on my mind and heart as of late. The more I think about it, the more I realize how much of that era I have compartmentalized within myself over the past ten years. So I’m going to reconcile with that the best way I know how: I’ll write about it. What follows are […]